Brian Gross is a bass player, music engineer, audio postproduction engineer, and luthier based in Los Angeles, California. He picked up the bass guitar at 13, and quickly developed a passion for the performance and recording arts. Brian has always had strong ears, and taught himself to play bass. This skill has carried over into his attention to detail in the recording field.

By the time he was a junior in high school, he began his career as a professional musician. His career began by playing shows on the famous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles at venues of various sizes. His band at the time, Late Nite Run, began to develop more and more of a following. They were offered a record deal, and were consistently pulling in wages at every show. Also as a junior in high school, he started to build guitars. This skill was learned out of necessity so he could fix his basses on the road. He worked for Rob Allen Guitars for two years, building fretless basses. He eventually started his own company, Brian Gross Custom Guitars, to bring his own visions into fruition.

In 2012, Brian left Los Angeles to pursue a Music Engineering degree from the University of Miami.

At the University of Miami, Brian began to refine both his bass playing and engineering skills. In 2014, he mentored under Vic Wainstein, who won the Grammy for Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange”. Vic was extremely influential on Brian’s recording techniques. Since then, Brian has worked on sessions with the likes of T.I., Gloria Estefan, Victor Wooten, and Ben Folds. He is a head-recording engineer on the University of Miami’s campus and records both in the studio and live performances numerous times a week.

In the summer of 2015, he was hired full time by Toshiba to be a sound designer for their newest line of cash registers. This was unlike any work Brian had seen before, but he was up for the task.

In the back half of 2015, Brian began professionally working as an audio postproduction editor. He does work on voice over, ADR, sound effects, and Foley.

His current band, Mint Trip, is finalizing their record deal with Blue Elan Records. Brian composes, plays bass, produces, and mixes for Mint Trip. They will be releasing an EP in April, and going on a United States tour in May 2016.

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